Imagine having a Live Broadcast Television Studio right at your fingertips!

Broadcast Live HD Video
Create Videos On Demand
Create Unlimited Channels
Create Pay-Per-View Events
Plus much, much more…

Designed For:
– Churches
– Internet TV Shows
– Video Podcasting
– Corporate Trainers
– Seminar Speakers
– Radio Stations

“Our Mission is to Advance Your Message”. Everyday we accomplish this mission by using our most important piece of technology – people. The LightWire Team is the backbone of our success. More than just a live streaming video platform, the LightWire Team brings a total solution by working hand in hand with you ensuring the success of your project and the “Advancement of Your Message”.

How It Works

LightWire Live Broadcasting Studio

– Live Broadcasting  – Video On Demand
– Viewer Statistics  – Unlimited Channels
– Viral Marketing Tools  – Pay-Per-View

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Other Services

These Services Take You Over The Top

– Broadcast Direct to TV using Set Top Boxes
– Social Marketing & SEO  – ROKU Development
– Custom Video Platforms  – Satellite Churches

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