HD Demo Video (GoPro)

by Rich on January 9, 2015

Our HD streaming is top quality all the way!  Click on the lower right corner and go full-screen for maximum viewing pleasure!

Title: GoProH3 Demo
Description: GoProH3 Demo Full
View count: 14

Backwater Outdoors Radio & TV

by Rich on August 14, 2010

When we first met Johnny DeTerlizzi he was broadcasting his outdoor hunting and fishing show on terrestrial AM radio.  Johnny D (as he is affectionately known by his listeners) and co-host Chuck wanted to expand their listener base and jump into the world of Internet television broadcasting.  Johnny’s son Nick has a background in video production, and as the producer of the Backwater show, was excited to make the leap into Internet television.

By taking advantage of LightWire.TV’s powerful HD broadcasting platform and the creative marketing ideas provided by Rich and Rodge, today Backwater Outdoors Radio & TV is not only reaching well beyond the Tampa Bay region, they are doing live remote video interviews with their guests, taking phone calls and answering questions from their live viewers via LightWire’s interactive chat feature.

Their show is recorded and available on demand, right from their own website each week, so their content not only reaches those who can tune in live for their weekly show, they reach many times more viewers who tune in later and watch the show at their own convenience.  This provides greater value for their show sponsors and advertisers who get unlimited exposure, and thus, more bang for their advertising dollars.  In addition, their show is being picked up by other outdoor-related websites, who can easily embed their programming into their own sites, creating a win-win for everyone.

We encourage you to check out the Backwater Outdoor Radio & TV Channel on LightWire.TV, and visit their website to see how they have integrated the LightWire video streaming solution into their website.

New Video Uploader is Live!

June 24, 2010

We are pleased to announce the addition of our new LightWire video uploader.  This new uploader works on both Mac and PC platforms.  There is no software to install – you just run it from inside your Dashboard right from the My Videos page.  And there’s even more good news – in addition to FLV […]

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Coming Soon – New Video Uploader!

June 18, 2010

We are putting the finishing touches on our new LightWire video uploader.  This uploader is built on Silverlight technology, and will replace our PC-based uploader.  The great news is that this will work on both Windows and Mac platforms, making things MUCH easier for all of us Mac people.  We hope to have some REALLY […]

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