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LightWire.Tv is a subscription based service that enables you to connect a video camera directly to your computer via firewire, usb, or HDMI and begin broadcasting live video directly to your audience. Whether your a one man show with a laptop and a webcam, or a fully staffed production studio, LightWire.Tv gives you the tools you need to broadcast high quality SD and HD video to a virtually unlimited audience. It’s like having a live broadcast TV studio right in your computer.

No more fuzzy, grainy, stuttery videos. LightWire.Tv comes packaged with 2 different broadcasters. One broadcaster operates from your browser and gives you a quick and easy way to broadcast webcast quality video. The other broadcaster downloads directly to your desktop (Windows only) and allows you to broadcast in speeds up to 3mps (3000 kbps). Unlike other video broadcast services our broadcaster allows you to dial in Frame Rate, Bit Rate, Deinterlace, OutPut Screen Size and HD or SD Encoding. By giving you absolute control over your broadcast settings you can now choose the quality image you desire.



<—Note: Our broadcasters will work with almost any size computer. However to broadcast in higher HD Quality you will need an HD camera, HD capture card and a computer meeting the minimum requirements. Click on this image
for a list of computer specs needed  to broadcast in HD.


More than a live streaming broadcaster. LightWire.Tv has a built in digital recorder to record your live broadcasts directly to our servers. Simply push the record button after you start your broadcast and your event will be automatically encoded, recorded and archived in a .flv video format. These videos can also be downloaded for post production work. We make it simple and easy to begin building libraries of video content. You can also upload videos directly from your computer.

Once you have your video recorded or uploaded into your library you can create embeddable video players or assign your videos to different viewing channels you have created. Each video also has the ability to be tagged with keywords and description tags for Search Engine Optimization. In short, LightWire.Tv gives you all the tools you need to effectively manage your video assets.

With Video-On-Demand your viewers can have access to your video assets 24/7 and watch their favorite videos at their own schedule.  Turn on the included  Pay-Per-View features and now you have a 24/7 profit center.


LightWire.Tv enables you to create an unlimited number of Broadcast Channels. In the example above, CityTribes has created different channels in their channel manager to distribute different types of content. Each channel can stream live video feeds as well as play recorded videos that have been assigned to that channel.  LightWire.Tv’s channel manager gives you total control on how you organize, broadcast and distribute your content.

ScreenShots of LightWire’s Channel Manger in the Admin Panel:

Click Screenshot Click Screenshot Click Screenshot

With custom players you can integrate your live video channels or videos-on-demand directly into your website. Create an unlimited amount of players with the exact size and color that matches the website you are embedding into. Players can be embedded in an unlimited number websites, blogs and social sites. Imagine broadcasting your message live to multiple players simultaneously across the internet.

Many of our customers use embedded
Channel Players to syndicate their content
across multiple websites.
Backwater Outdoor Radio broadcasts live each
week to their websites as well as a
simultaneous broadcast to multiple other
hunting websites across the internet.






Along with embedded players, LightWire.Tv gives you the ability to create custom channel pages. A Channel Page is a complete website page that is designed to be an interface for everything that happens on your channel. With our Channel Page Designer these pages can be designed to match your existing website design or create a unique design for each Channel you create. Each Channel Page includes:

  • Design your own custom theme to match your existing website
  • An Embedded Player with or without Chat Room and built-in Twitter Client
  • Schedule Guide (Like a TV Guide) to let your viewers know when you are broadcasting
  • Social Sharing Links to all major Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • An index of all previously recorded shows that can be accessed by your viewers
  • Comments section where registered users can make comments on your shows
  • Follow this show button where viewers can receive auto generated emails every time you schedule a show or start a new broadcast. Viewers always know when your shows are broadcasting.
  • Google Ad Sense if you would like to make money with ads on your page (optional)

    Here are some examples of Channel Pages built with our Channel Page Designer

    Shepherd’s House 1 of 2
    Click Screenshot
    Shepherd’s House 2 of 2
    Click Screenshot
    Backwater Radio 1 of 2
    Click Screenshot
    Backwater Radio 2 of 2
    Click Screenshot

    Here’s a look at some screen shots of the Channel Page Designer in the Admin section:

    Channel Designer 1 of 2
    Click Screenshot
    Channel Designer 2 of 2
    Click Screenshot

    Every Video Player and Channel Player can have it’s own Chat Room attached to it. Chat Rooms help create an interactive experience beyond just watching your show. With Chat Rooms your viewers stay more interested in your show because they are able to talk amongst themselves about your topics and to meet fellow viewers. Chat Rooms are also used by the show host to display links to other relevant websites, sponsor links, take questions from the audience, do polling, etc. The chat room adds that extra special connection between the show host and the audience and keeps your viewers coming back for more.

    LightWire.Tv has built our live streaming platform around the most popular social networks on the internet. With integration to StumbleUpon, Google, Delicious, Yahoo, Facebook, Reddit, NewsVine, Digg and Twitter, we make it easy for you to harness the power of social marketing to take your message viral. Twitter clients are built directly into each player so that your viewers can tweet right from your chat room while watching your show. Each tweet sent is automatically embedded with a link back to your show. There are also twitter clients built into your admin section where you can choose to send out tweet announcements to all of your followers or just a select few.

    The Channel Players have been designed to get the conversation started. With share buttons from all the major social networks your viewers can easily tell all of their friends about your broadcast. There is also follow features, share with a friend email, and an embed link for viewers to get their own player filled with your content.


    LightWire.Tv is the only live video streaming platform that allows you to set up Pay-Per-View Live Events and Videos-On-Demand. Using your LightWire.Tv platform you simply choose any Video or Channel and set a Pay-Per-View price. When your viewer clicks on your Video or Channel they will be prompted to purchase a ticket. Once they have completed the purchase process they will be given access to your Video or Live Channel, it’s as simple as that. All tickets are processed through PayPal.  Revenue for tickets purchased is deposited into your PayPal account by LightWire.Tv.

    Pay-Per-View Live Events and Video-On-Demand are perfect way to monetize live concerts, fighting and sporting events, conferences, charity benefits, educational training and more.

    Know your audience viewing habits, wants and needs. Track which Live or VOD content has the highest ratings, most popular and most viral. LightWire.Tv’s analytics reports allow you to cater to your viewing audience like never before.  With the ability to drill down by minute, hour, day, week, month and year you have the information you need to get the highest ROI for your show and your sponsors.

    Viewer Stats By Minute
    Click Screenshot
    Viewer Stats By Hour
    Click Screenshot

    Viewer Stats By Day
    Click Screenshot
    Viewer Stats By Week
    Click Screenshot
    Viewer Stats By Month
    Click Screenshot

    • Broadcast Directly to Television with our Set-Top-Box (STB) Technology. Broadcast your Video alongside other channels such as MLB, NBA, NetFlix, Amazon On Demand, and many more. Our network currently has over 1,000,000 STB’s installed in the USA.
    • Run Your Own Advertising Campaigns. LightWire can set up your advertising account to inject pre-rolls, mid-rolls, end rolls and banner ads directly into your Video and Live Channels. Reports are generated each month letting you and your sponsors know the exact impressions and click thru rates.
    • Social Marketing Services. In order to be successful marketing  your products and services you have to go where the people are. With the Social Network explosion and over 300 million people participating in sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Today’s entrepreneur knows the critical importance of having a Social Marketing plan. We help demystify Social Marketing, build a plan and a team around your products and services that gets the conversation started and the sales rolling in.
    • Custom Integrated Video Blog Sites. Nothing can generate great Search Engine results like your own blog site coupled with video content. We can help you build a virtual search engine traffic machine with our professional design build services.
    • Satellite Churches. Start an effective satellite church with live broadcast technology piped in directly from your main service. LightWire.Tv’s solutions are simple, effective and the lowest cost alternative to traditional satellite feeds.
    • Large Event Broadcasting. Let us provide the planning, equipment, technology and personnel you need to make your next Live Event Broadcast a success.

      Please contact us for more information on these services.

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